Renewable energy in the UK

There is a global drive to ensure there is a world for our children to grow up in, and in the UK there is also development driven on many fronts. There is often focus on all the bad things which are occurring in the world, which is why we here are happy to also report some positive and happy news. Currently only five percent of the energy in the UK comes from renewable sources, however there is governmental initiative to increase this by the year 2020 to fifteen percent. It may sound like a small increase, but in a country with such high energy demand it’s a massive effort.

rows of solar panels on houses

What is also great news, is that in the UK there are many start-up companies and small businesses developing high tech solutions available for the average UK home. So keep positive, keep active, and ensure that you help spread awareness with regards to climate change and green energy.

Green vehicles

green vehicles for the futureIn the war against pollution and global warming the action is no needed in the hands of the average citizen and the every individual person. Here we are pressing for eco friendly solutions and it’s no secret that the technology is out there today for us to mange this shift. Most commonly we speak about green energy solutions, and today is no different just, with a twist. Another in the long list of positive developments and good news is the push to find green transport.

Of course at the current making use of public transport and your legs are things which are good for both the environment and your own health, however for some it’s not possible, and of course there is that little part of convenience. Many of the great known car brands are today developing hybrid cars which are as powerful as petrol ran ones, and electric cars are becoming more and more suitable for a bigger market.

On top of that, there are now solar power cars, which make use of technologies which concentrate the power gathered by the roof, working much like a magnifying glass to ensure that enough power to run the car can be stored. The technologies which we can make use of are becoming more effective, just as we are becoming more in tuned with how to use a bigger proportion of the energy, to ensure that there is little waste in the motor system. There bodes a good day for the future, and thinking green is now something which all should be doing, to be ready to snap on the idea when it can become a reality.

Wind turbines pleasing for the eye

Wind power is one of the hot topics today, simply as the air mass is shifted around the globe continuously and if there is a good way to harness some of the energy in a sustainable way, part of a great solution to the energy issues we face today will be found. There are developments under way in many wind energy fields, and one that the team here finds interesting is a French project, which also takes the human factor into account. Although fields of large turbines is a good solution, the human factor is involved, and would trust that you could imagine the scene. And agree that it may not be the most beautiful scenery to rest your eyes upon.

In this project also taken into account is the design, what we will actually see when we look at that field of green energy. In this project the wind turbines take the shape of beautiful contemporary art inspired by nature, giving them a white tree shape with green cased turbines. This wonderful idea is something that we support and hope you will to. With their moderate size, they are also suitable for being installed in living areas, and the energy doesn’t have to come from a remote place and transferred to where it’s needed. Perhaps in the future something like this will be found in the garden of many homes as part of creating a fully self-sustaining building as seen from the energy perspective.

Here you can see the beautiful creation in action, like a kinaesthetic sculpture with a greater purpose. We hope that this will inspire you as it has inspired us here.