Developing techniques to store solar energy

In reality there is enough energy already existing and being produced on the earth to supply the world with the power it needs. The issue of course is demand and cost. The sun at times hide behind clouds, and the wind does not blow on demand. And the factor of cost is of course ever present, and being able to affordably store energy is often one gate which stops the use of renewable energy.

solar panels storage of energy

However development for finding affordable ways to store energy is currently under way. And one method which is worth attention currently is underground storage. Research to store summer heat generated in soil and rocks for the usage of heating homes in the winter is conducted, and with such a solution the means of which the energy is created and the technology to harness it already exists.

The first step

ensure sustinability take the first stepThe first step to getting any type of change implemented no matter if it’s a small or big, has to happen on the inside. The way you see things and the type of perspective that you hold on a particular point needs to be rearranged so that you can see and embody the changes you would like to see. The only hope for future generations to come, is to implement changes which have implication on global scale, and of course that can only happen though awareness.

Here we are happy to bring news of great development to help you keep on the right track, and hopefully bring you both motivation and inspiration to take the stops needed, and keep the direction in a good way.

You don’t have to be an activist or radical in behaviour to implement changes, in many cases change comes slowly and radical changes are often short lived improvements. What we suggest is that the first step is convincing yourself, your conscious mind need to be convincing enough to win over habit, and although some say will power is a muscle, it’s seldom so straight forward.

To change your view of something it’s better to just keep reminding yourself, and start with the smallest and simplest actions. Not boiling more water than you need when making a cuppa, taking a walk rather than drive to the convenience shop, making use of that cycle just a little bit more often. With this the conviction with come automatically, and over time. Action and effect come together and all which is needed, is not radical change, but small steps towards believing a better ideal.