About renewable energy

The current forms of existing renewable energy are wind power, solar power, geothermal power, hydro power and energy from bio mass. Thanks to our locksmith project supporters who fund this project. The ways in which to harness these energies are currently being developed, and each area has a whole area of sub genres. But to give you some idea of what exists currently here are some examples.

For wind energy, making use of wind turbines in strategically chosen places, some exists just outside the coast lines or in places of altitude where the wind is most commonly strong and active. In sunny areas there are solar power plants, using solar cells to convert the energy of the sun into electric currents.
Hydro power, is water power and making use of the waves of the sea, as well as falling water from high altitudes is a great renewable source of energy.

windmills on green hills

Geothermal energy is harnessing the power of for instance geysers and volcanos. And lastly there is biomass energy where, techniques have been developed to make use of the energy in crops and for instance cow dung.