What is renewable energy

renewable energy windmill orange skyThe term renewable energy is an umbrella one, which is used to encompasses the harnessing of energy already existing on the planet. Currently a lot of the energy consumed in households and homes are from coal, oil and natural gas, these resources are finite, and will run out as we keep using them up. Fossil fuels was formed over very long time deep under the earth, spanning all the way back to dinosaur times.

Currently it’s important that awareness is brought to the finite nature of the energy we are using, and as we should aim to replace these diminishing resources with energy which comes from wind, sun, water and more. What is also in requirement of awareness, is that fossil fuels are also cause of great pollution around the planet, which disrupts the balance of the earth and are cause of current and big issues.

The Ocean as a source of energy

When one thinks of renewable energy it’s easy to think about wind turbines and solar panels alone, however there are many green energy sources in existence. And of course one of the places where energy of great force is a constant is the sea. With the majority of the earth’s surface being covered in water it makes sense to drive the development of being able to harness and store the energy from waves.

energy in the ocean
And when it comes to the ocean, there is not only the energy of the moving water to harness, but the surface of the water is also the words largest solar energy collector, and with the movement of the tides and the mass of water which is moved on a daily basis there is also much research occurring. We hope that bringing a small reminder to the endless opportunities of renewable energy sources there are on the planet, we will be able to aid the global drive for the development and research in these areas.

Bringing the importance of renewable energy into public light

In the current world, and especially seeing the current direction of our progress it’s becoming a more than vital point to bring the importance of renewable energy and sustainable living into light. Many may think that issues like global warming and diminishing of fossil fuels and resources as a problem of tomorrow. But it’s much closer than is commonly thought. It’s easy to tell, I you have watched the news lately you know of the increasing number of natural disasters occurring, the conflict breaking out due to uneven distribution of resources and the over production of material things not required today. We are not saying that there are not many great developments in the area of renewable energy, simply because there is much great work going on. One of our main issues that we face, is the general unawareness and the thought that this is a problem for the next generation to solve.

the current and imminent requirement for awareness to renewable energy

Here we would like to bring into the light the point that what is needed to at least take a step in the right direction with these things, is already in existence. We might have one over all solution to all the issues, but there are a row of different alternatives to the using and over using of fossil fuels. Here we need to ensure that every person and every household is aware to the impact they have in order to better the world and keep the planet in the best shape we can manage for our children and future generations. With the technological advances, there are now many ways for the individual to do their part, by ensuring they do what they can to conserve energy, recycle their trash, and live in a sustainable way passing this way of life forward to their children.

Available solar panels and wind turbines for home use

sustainable living solar and wind powerThere is many discussions currently on going with regards to renewable energy, global warming, the environment and the survival of the planet a whole. And amongst all these great theories and the scientific research reported though the media it’s important to become dis-attached form the issue. Leaving it in the hands of greater powers, or simply someone else may be natural to do. However, what is important to remember here, are the many resources readily available on the market today for home owners, or for those searching for an alternative and sustainable living. It is no secret that today we live in a luxury, and throughout the history of humanity, there has not been a state where so much luxury has been present.

If you are one searching to down size both your home and your perceived needs, perhaps saving some resources and making a sustainable home is something for you. There are many ways to live in a more eco friendly way, and you can join the many how have already taken the step off the power grid. This not to say that they live without electricity, it’s only to say that they are making use of the available technologies to set up a sustainable home, which provides sufficient power to a house hold via wind and solar power.

Setting up a sustainable eco friendly home is of course no easy feat, and will take some investment in energy and money, however once arrived at a certain point, there is nothing to say that it’s not a better way forward. So if you want to do your part in sustainable living, with just a little bit of investment, utilisation of modern technology and cutting some of the high standard consumerist behaviours will be able to provide all you need on a sustainable basis.

A Greener 2016

going green at home and finding green power solutionsWith the warmest and most sincere wishes for the new year and the bright new future. With the turn of the year there is definitely magic in the air, and with a time of new starts and new promises and resolutions, the team here would like to urge you on in the right direction. Looking back on the years recently passed it’s easy to see that there are a row of different changes which has occurred on the planet, and as global warming and other environmental issues are becoming more and more present in our day to day lives, it’s important that we do what we can to ensure we look at the positive side of things.

By seeing the great developments which have occurred in technology, biology and in greed energies available out there, we will also see new hope for the future. And this year, is a year more suited for you to make, and be that change you want to convey to future generations.

Today there are many things available to the home owner in order to ensure a greener way of living and a better way forward, and there is no time like the present, some even say that it’s the only time. Simply meaning that now is the time to act, with affordable great green solutions for energy at home, for battling over consummation and for ensuring that your carbon footprint remains of a manageable size. With just a little of your time and energy, you can really make the greatest of difference, as there is a new revolution on the rise. The rise of the masses and the communal awareness to all that we do, in our day to day consumption to the activism we engage with to ensure the powers at be cannot go down planet destroying paths without resistance from the public. Don’t diminish your power or responsibility for the future, join the fight for our planet and our children today, though starting small with the first step of the year being thinking more green!

The world is full of opportunity

green energy suncatylixA change of mind is required on the global scale, one in which where we become aware of the need to keep a larger perspective in mind. The majority of our energy today comes from sources of perishable kinds, and they are diminishing. This is not a new thing, and something we have been aware of for decades. We can of course ask ourselves why we then have seen so little change in the world, and in our own societies to work for a more sustainable future.

And for us here at suncatalyx it’s becoming apparent that of course the action is something which is in need of being breed into our awareness, and our current. Meaning that for things to change, we must take an active part and an active responsibility for the world that we are living in. Meaning also thinking about our actions, and how they in fact are the future we are creating. There is of course mountains of negative news and bad development out there with nature disasters and statistics which may seem grim. However, there are also high tech research which is finding new answers, solutions and better ways forward.

Here we encourage awareness though simply knowing about it, in other words, you cannot not know. And when a link has been made to the causality of effect as an unshakable foundation to our knowledge, then we cannot help but to act as if the future actually depended on our actions.

Joining the revolution for better and more sustainable living is something which is available here and now, in the information and technology era, of course in the process of our own self destruction there is also the answer to our salvation. In many small steps, done by the mass.

First Steps to a greener and more sustainable home-keeping

eco friendly house from top to bottom leave crownWhat is well worth considering should you hold a wish to make your home better and more efficient with energy and sources of energy, is of course what changes you are wanting to make. There are some factors which will no doubt make a big difference in the long run, but there is also some factors that may be simple better. Thinking in terms of implementing the changes which have the greatest effect may be worth some though. Although turning off your light bulb when you are not in the room is a great habit to have, it may only be a fraction of the energy used by say for instance your cooker, fridge or heating system.

So a few things that we feel are quite good to keep in mind on your road to a better life and future, not only for you but for future generations to come. First and foremost eradicating the usage which is simply not needed should be step number one. For instance stop all junk mail, which even if you occasionally enjoy flicking though it, is to a large percentage just wasted energy and materials. If you are a bottled water drinker, this goes under the same category, there are many home filter varieties which can be installed for your tap or keeping a reusable one in the fridge as an option considering the whole process and the energy cost for that bottle to land in your hand.
Going for local products is also a way to ensure that no masses of energy have been used and hence reducing waste, on top of that, supporting local economy and over all making it a better way forward.