What is renewable energy

renewable energy windmill orange skyThe term renewable energy is an umbrella one, which is used to encompasses the harnessing of energy already existing on the planet. Currently a lot of the energy consumed in households and homes are from coal, oil and natural gas, these resources are finite, and will run out as we keep using them up. Fossil fuels was formed over very long time deep under the earth, spanning all the way back to dinosaur times.

Currently it’s important that awareness is brought to the finite nature of the energy we are using, and as we should aim to replace these diminishing resources with energy which comes from wind, sun, water and more. What is also in requirement of awareness, is that fossil fuels are also cause of great pollution around the planet, which disrupts the balance of the earth and are cause of current and big issues.

The Ocean as a source of energy

When one thinks of renewable energy it’s easy to think about wind turbines and solar panels alone, however there are many green energy sources in existence. And of course one of the places where energy of great force is a constant is the sea. With the majority of the earth’s surface being covered in water it makes sense to drive the development of being able to harness and store the energy from waves. Many locksmiths businesses are now choosing to go green given the intensive nature of locksmith work and the necessary transport element required.

energy in the ocean
And when it comes to the ocean, there is not only the energy of the moving water to harness, but the surface of the water is also the words largest solar energy collector, and with the movement of the tides and the mass of water which is moved on a daily basis there is also much research occurring. We hope that bringing a small reminder to the endless opportunities of renewable energy sources there are on the planet, we will be able to aid the global drive for the development and research in these areas.

Going green for a sustainable future

sustainable futuresClose to the hearts of the team here is of course the question of how to bring about a more sustainable future for coming generations. There is no doubt about the need for change in the way we live our lives today. Global warming is no myth, and it’s also not news. We’ve known about environmental issues for a long time, yet change has not come about naturally. We are reaching a critical turning point where what was once a potential issue now is a dire need.

There is simply no longer a choice in the question, but we have to aim for a more sustainable future, one in which we can retain balance with our home, which is also the air we breathe and the resources we make use of in order to live our lives. The team here feels strongly that there is hope of a better future and believe in the revolution of the people which the internet and the information era has brought upon us. In the present, every day, more people are waking up to the reality of what we are facing and the need to think in a larger perspective for the greater good.

Just what type of impact such a revolution of information will bring is yet to be seen, there is a multitude of possibilities all waiting to be explored, and we must bring ourselves to be with it. Also in the within the field of sustainable middle ways to live. There is nothing to say that we cannot make use of all the wonders that technology brings, and use it in favour of longevity and a better future for all.

Get involved with the future today

go green in all spectrum of life small to largeSustainability is a subject more and more commonly discussed today, a development which the the team here are happy to see, as it brings us hope for the future, not only our own, but the one of our children and future generations. Some projections have been so dire as to question if there would even be a future as the conditions which we have created for our planet are reaching a critical stage.

A point of no return so to speak, where the disruptions caused are to great to reverse or hinder the effects. But with technology, awareness, information and understanding towards these important issues spreading like wildfire among the involved population, we also take the direction of a better future.

There are many entrances into getting involved yourself, change does not have to happen fast, but it does need to occur, we cannot consume and waste as we have done for the last couple of decades without consequence. Just as our actions on a personal level have grave implications for ourselves, our actions on a global scale have massive and grand impact for the future.

For some of the team here we started small with things in the home such as recycling and habits of turning off lights when not used, not as to resolve the issue of global consumption, but as to get into the habit of not being wasteful, leaving us thinking to the why’s of the scenario. In the reflection is where we find the reasons and the motivations to why we should act in a certain manner and capacity.

Face today with the future in mind

keep the future and our beautiful planet aliveEspecially important perhaps if you are one to have children, as we need to make sure we do everything we can to leave them a world they can live well in. It’s easy to look up the generations and see the indulgences of the past generations having wrecked a whole great deal of things, causing issues we are now left to deal with.

So let’s not be our parents, and let’s make sure that we do our absolute best to bring forward the things which we believe are right, ethically and morally, for a sustainable future. Our children deserve the chance to prosper as much as we did, and though our daily lives is how we teach them how to be. The society we live in is a sum greater than its parts, but not to forget, it’s also one that is highly influenced and affected by all its parts. And we all make up a small part of it, meaning that we have responsibility to ensure that what we contribute is of the right values. Going green should today be a standard practice for anyone who can, and if you are not among the most unfortunate in society and you have a little extra resources, it is important that you take that responsibility and promote a way of life which is sustainable.

From getting rid of plastic bags in your shopping habits, to reducing the amount of water you waste and the amount of travel spent in planes and cars. There are many options today for green living, and if you can take them you should. It’s not the intention of the team here to push you into a corner, but as it stands the natural balance on the globe has been pushed into a corner, and unless we do something your children will have to pick up to pieces and remnants of your lazy living.

Sustainable transport

the green bus a wonderful exampleOf great importance today is that we, as a growing population start thinking about sustainability. Something which is happening all over the world, but perhaps at a slower pace than needed.

It’s easy to lose hope when one looks around to see all the pain, suffering, conflict and war that still goes on, that not even mentioning the suffering of those who fall victims to natural disasters, many of which are also predicted to re-occur.

We are growing in numbers, and with it our children face an increasingly grim image of the future, and as all parents know, this might be a large part of why we are here, to bring what we know forward and to pass life down the generations. The only issue of course being that if we destroy the planet on which we live there will be no such future.

A point which has been discussed at length between many environmentalists is that of transportation, there are today many alternative means to the most common method of taking the car, many of which require people to back the idea before it comes into action on greater scales.

Busses, cycle schemes and much more are becoming an increasingly important factor for us to take part in, especially if we want to teach the coming generations though acting ourselves, and of course if we want there to still be a world for our children to live in and raise families of their own once they get there. So take the bike, take an active part in making the world a better place and choose green transport.

Simply join the green revolution today

join the green revolution todayThere are changes happening all around you today, technology, industry, research, science, you name it, the age of information as some call it is upon us. Interesting times by the standards of many, and from this point of view also very exciting times in many ways.

However no great thing comes without its consequences, and as we as a species carry on our globalisation it is becoming increasingly more evident that we are causing as many issues as we are solving.

What we would like to label a silent revolution, and intellectual one, where the individual is taking responsibility for their own output and sustainability would in theory create an equilibrium. And this change is something that we here wish to see implemented.

It’s by no means a change which will occur quickly or easily, or even visibly. However, it is one which we firmly believe is required for the continued well being and longevity of our own children.

The global ecological state is on the brink of collapse, with continuous exploitation, not only of the planet, but also of our fellow human beings. Of course there is no way to live in our society today without being a part of this giant wheel, however rather than starting with big idealistic solutions, why not start with the small, realistic, doable and practical ones.

Giving thought to the future, not in terms of only yourself, but the greater picture. Join the green revolution today, change your way of thinking and start with the small steps, cut your morning shower by 5 mins, turn off the lights, do like Locksmiths of Clapham and change all your vehicles to electric, and  take the bike, change energy company and who knows, perhaps some time down the line there will be solar panels on your roof and rather than retracting energy from the grid, you are putting it back in. Financially sound, as well as conscientious about the future.

Bringing the importance of renewable energy into public light

In the current world, and especially seeing the current direction of our progress it’s becoming a more than vital point to bring the importance of renewable energy and sustainable living into light. Many may think that issues like global warming and diminishing of fossil fuels and resources as a problem of tomorrow. But it’s much closer than is commonly thought. It’s easy to tell, I you have watched the news lately you know of the increasing number of natural disasters occurring, the conflict breaking out due to uneven distribution of resources and the over production of material things not required today. We are not saying that there are not many great developments in the area of renewable energy, simply because there is much great work going on.  Thanks to green locksmith sponsor and supporter who is our Locksmith Richmond our February donor one of our main issues that we face, is the general unawareness and the thought that this is a problem for the next generation to solve.

the current and imminent requirement for awareness to renewable energy

Here we would like to bring into the light the point that what is needed to at least take a step in the right direction with these things, is already in existence. We might have one over all solution to all the issues, but there are a row of different alternatives to the using and over using of fossil fuels. Here we need to ensure that every person and every household is aware to the impact they have in order to better the world and keep the planet in the best shape we can manage for our children and future generations. With the technological advances, there are now many ways for the individual to do their part, by ensuring they do what they can to conserve energy, recycle their trash, and live in a sustainable way passing this way of life forward to their children.

A sharing of ideas and ideals

sharing ideas make the difference in their developmentWe are now in what many refer to as the age of information, where we every day are bombarded with advertisement, promotions, academia, definitions and so on.

It can at time be much to handle, and not a stranger to the team here is the feeling of going slightly insane to be able to manage it all. What helps is always perspective, and a larger one at that, gaining some distance from yourself, your issues and your behaviour is something that can be good for anyone. And bigger perspective in mind, it’s impossible to miss the larger issues at hand which the planet is currently facing.

As if signs of natural disasters, enduring human conflict in which idealistic and violent approaches, sometimes also including civilians and innocent bystanders was not enough. There are clearly changes which need to happen on a global scale, and it’s easy to feel disconnected from what is happening in a realm which is so theoretical for the most of us.

What we see here, are the things that we can do, and that starts with green energy, sustainability, sharing of information and looking for solutions instead of seeking conflict. There is not always someone to blame, and we have to catch ourselves as to not place blame where there is no one point at fault, but instead work for the solution and work on our own reactions to things.

Here we promote sustainability, green living and a positive future, something that we hope that you are on board with, and if you have some suggestions on what you think should be part of this website, please get in touch and let us know.

Available solar panels and wind turbines for home use by Locksmiths

sustainable living solar and wind powerThere is many discussions currently on going with regards to renewable energy, global warming, the environment and the survival of the planet a whole.  One of our supporters Locksmiths of Islington has been using solar to power all of their internal electricity requirements for the locksmith tools, shop and locksmith equipment. And among all these great theories and the scientific research reported though the media it’s important to become dis-attached form the issue. Leaving it in the hands of greater powers, or simply someone else may be natural to do. However, what is important to remember here, are the many resources readily available on the market today for home owners, or for those searching for an alternative and sustainable living. It is no secret that today we live in a luxury, and throughout the history of humanity, there has not been a state where so much luxury has been present.

If you are one searching to down size both your home and your perceived needs, perhaps saving some resources and making a sustainable home is something for you. There are many ways to live in a more eco friendly way, and you can join the many how have already taken the step off the power grid. This not to say that they live without electricity, it’s only to say that they are making use of the available technologies to set up a sustainable home, which provides sufficient power to a house hold via wind and solar power.

Setting up a sustainable eco friendly home is of course no easy feat, and will take some investment in energy and money, however once arrived at a certain point, there is nothing to say that it’s not a better way forward. So if you want to do your part in sustainable living, with just a little bit of investment, utilisation of modern technology and cutting some of the high standard consumerist behaviours will be able to provide all you need on a sustainable basis.

The vision of a better future

join our vision for a greener futureSomething that we are driven by here is not the need, but the desire for a better future. And we hope that you are with us on this one, as it’s of the highest importance. Down the very existence of human kind. This is often expressed, however it’s also well known that people have a difficulty with identifying and relating to things which are not relevant to their lives. For the team here, the solution is simply making it so. By ensuring that you make going green relevant for you, that you pass own the right type of thinking to your children, as so they will also have a world in which they can grow up, grow old and carry on relentlessly into the unknown future. Our responsibility, as we see it is simply to ensure that the young ones of today have a chance.

Many may have already sat back and relaxed into the fact that this world is doomed together with all the things which inhabits the planet, and it’s easy to think that way as physics and other progress is giving us insight to the pointlessness of the universe and the vastness of the things which just simply cannot be known. This for us is a fatalistic view, and what defines us as humans is in part the ability to project forward. We cannot let this gift and ability to be used only in the investigation of our own lives, but we need to also allow it to seep into our experience in the short time we are here.

Going green doesn’t mean having to move out of the city and live in the forest as a hermit, although this could be desirable by some, it’s not what most of us are used to. All the important actions to be taken starts with the individual, and here is where change will also spout. Change of direction, method and philosophy.

Saving energy at home

There are only good reasons to think about a more sustainable future, and if you are someone who is interested in going down a more sustainable route with your new installations, then that is something that the team here are happy about and grateful for. It important to start thinking today already about the consequences of our actions, we are currently in a time where there are many good alternative options out there, options which promote local development, energy efficient living and sustainable home.

If you are like us, you will have some sort of ideal vision in mind, and that is to be worked for, however there are always some things which one can start working on today, right now and straight away. This video that we would like to share with you shows you some tips and brings up some points which perhaps are new to you, that can help you save both the planet and your own wallet.

The team here likes and recommends this video and hope you enjoy it, if you have any questions, or if you would like to suggest any other ideas or videos to be posted here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. Hearing from you is something that we always look forward to.

And don’t forget, change is not something that needs to happen immediately or even quickly, and watching this video might just be one of the many things which help you along your greener way!

The world of gadgets

great renewable energy sources for home useUnderway currently are great efforts to find large scale solutions for the energy demand of the current way we are living here on our planet. This is something which of course we support, and hope that you do as well, but the team here do see it as something very theoretical. Something which is both impressive and which bring us some hope of a future for mankind despite all the negative and fatalistic news we keep receiving. However, there are things which really hit the point home and hammers that hope into our sculls, little indicators which are pointing in the right direction. One thing that we see as such is the development of products for individual use, applicable home solutions for providing green energy, and although some home solutions take considerable effort and investment to put in place, they can often sustain your home as far as energy goes to a great extent.

Everything from wind turbines, solar panels and techniques to use natural forces for the harvest of energy at home is becoming available and affordable to the private home owner market. With brilliant products, such as the trinity, a portable wind turbine to sustain your electrical needs in the garden, sun stash to keep your devices powered up on sunny days and windpax another green energy source that uses wind power. You can today actively engage and explore the world of renewable energy in an applicable and practical way. And keeping things relevant to the individual is a greatly important point in order to build the support needed to carry the renewable energy culture down the generations. If you have any suggestions on products that you think should be on this list that we have missed out please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your suggestion though the contact page.

A Greener 2016

going green at home and finding green power solutionsWith the warmest and most sincere wishes for the new year and the bright new future. With the turn of the year there is definitely magic in the air, and with a time of new starts and new promises and resolutions, the team here would like to urge you on in the right direction. Looking back on the years recently passed it’s easy to see that there are a row of different changes which has occurred on the planet, and as global warming and other environmental issues are becoming more and more present in our day to day lives, it’s important that we do what we can to ensure we look at the positive side of things. Thanks to our Green Initiative sponsor.

By seeing the great developments which have occurred in technology, biology and in greed energies available out there, we will also see new hope for the future. And this year, is a year more suited for you to make, and be that change you want to convey to future generations.

Today there are many things available to the home owner in order to ensure a greener way of living and a better way forward, and there is no time like the present, some even say that it’s the only time. Simply meaning that now is the time to act, with affordable great green solutions for energy at home, for battling over consummation and for ensuring that your carbon footprint remains of a manageable size. With just a little of your time and energy, you can really make the greatest of difference, as there is a new revolution on the rise. The rise of the masses and the communal awareness to all that we do, in our day to day consumption to the activism we engage with to ensure the powers at be cannot go down planet destroying paths without resistance from the public. Don’t diminish your power or responsibility for the future, join the fight for our planet and our children today, though starting small with the first step of the year being thinking more green!

Reasons to join us!

the plentiful reasons to move to green energyWith risk of to some degree stating the obvious and reiterating things you already know, we would like to bring you some of the reasons we hold close at heart for trying to promote a greener way into the future. People have all kinds of reasons for doing good and being with the green energy fashion, for some it’s to gain social acceptance in their communities, for some it’s an interest and a wish to be self-sufficient and independent.

You have surely ran into someone shouting about their great efforts in reducing their carbon footprint, or have someone explain in great detail how the system they have built, designed or installed works. All this is normal and in most cases the team here sees it as a wonderful something, any reason for going greener than you currently are placing beneficial actions into the world. However, we would like to bring up the prime point of why we here carry on with our promotions, information sharing and awareness bringing. It’s simply, because it’s better.

Regardless of how you see the world, no matter background or faith, if you live in the current society you know a great deal of things, one of which is cause and effect. Of course one cannot know how the future will turn out, but we can head in a better direction than the current one, and for the team here it’s one which is not separate from the responsibility we have to carry forward in the best way we can for the generations to come. Not only to leave the children of today with a planet that remains habitable but to lead by example rather than hypocrisy. A great man once coined the phrase “Be the change you want to see”, and these words ring loud and clear for the dedicated team here.

The world is full of opportunity

green energy suncatylixA change of mind is required on the global scale, one in which where we become aware of the need to keep a larger perspective in mind. The majority of our energy today comes from sources of perishable kinds, and they are diminishing. This is not a new thing, and something we have been aware of for decades. We can of course ask ourselves why we then have seen so little change in the world, and in our own societies to work for a more sustainable future.

And for us here at suncatalyx it’s becoming apparent that of course the action is something which is in need of being breed into our awareness, and our current. Meaning that for things to change, we must take an active part and an active responsibility for the world that we are living in. Meaning also thinking about our actions, and how they in fact are the future we are creating. There is of course mountains of negative news and bad development out there with nature disasters and statistics which may seem grim. However, there are also high tech research which is finding new answers, solutions and better ways forward.

Here we encourage awareness though simply knowing about it, in other words, you cannot not know. And when a link has been made to the causality of effect as an unshakable foundation to our knowledge, then we cannot help but to act as if the future actually depended on our actions.

Joining the revolution for better and more sustainable living is something which is available here and now, in the information and technology era, of course in the process of our own self destruction there is also the answer to our salvation. In many small steps, done by the mass.

First Steps to a greener and more sustainable home-keeping

eco friendly house from top to bottom leave crownWhat is well worth considering should you hold a wish to make your home better and more efficient with energy and sources of energy, is of course what changes you are wanting to make. There are some factors which will no doubt make a big difference in the long run, but there is also some factors that may be simple better. Thinking in terms of implementing the changes which have the greatest effect may be worth some though. Although turning off your light bulb when you are not in the room is a great habit to have, it may only be a fraction of the energy used by say for instance your cooker, fridge or heating system.

So a few things that we feel are quite good to keep in mind on your road to a better life and future, not only for you but for future generations to come. First and foremost eradicating the usage which is simply not needed should be step number one. For instance stop all junk mail, which even if you occasionally enjoy flicking though it, is to a large percentage just wasted energy and materials. If you are a bottled water drinker, this goes under the same category, there are many home filter varieties which can be installed for your tap or keeping a reusable one in the fridge as an option considering the whole process and the energy cost for that bottle to land in your hand. Thanks to writer Steve the Locksmith for this post.
Going for local products is also a way to ensure that no masses of energy have been used and hence reducing waste, on top of that, supporting local economy and over all making it a better way forward.

How we ensure that energy efficiency becomes a natural part of life

make energy awareness a normThere is a new trend going around in becoming green, sustainable and reversing some of the effects of what the development of the modern world has brought. Of course all ideals are different, and in truth no one knows the best way to more forward from here, we can simply but do our best. What the team here is highly for, is of course that pro activeness. Not only in action but also in thinking. What we do, how we act and what our way of life is what the younger generations today learn from, among other things.
Our way is to try and incorporate this need for green thinking, not as a desperate attempt to save the planet, but as a natural way of life. Being circumspect of our actions, and ensuring that what we do is something that is done with our best knowledge. Another point we also see as of utmost importance, which is simply to admit that we don’t have the answers, we can only act and live as we believe is the best way. A well informed way which can have in view both personal life and a bigger picture. Of course it would be wonderful to believe that the wold revolves only around ourselves, but it is also a foolish belief to have, as it simply isn’t so. Regardless of what faith or belief you are of, there are still a quite large number of billion people which we share our world with.
Bringing this conscientiousness into the norm for the younger generation in an increasingly globalized world is not only of high importance but of necessity. Either way, we encourage you to do the same, and try to introduce green awareness, not as a trend but as a natural way of living.

A team with dedication

a team dedicated to renewable energyWhat we burn for here could not be more obvious, or of greater importance. In the current progression of the world it is becoming a more and more individualised problem, and although we hesitate to call it a problem as the solution is not something clear cut, is what we choose to do in order to address this global issue. There is today many issues which are bestowed upon the world as we are moving into more global times, and one of them is energy, waste and awareness of sustainability. Something that although is known to most, somewhere in the back of the mind, is not placed into the light and attention it should be demanding, considering the grand proportions of the issues we face.

The natural disasters continuously on the door step is something we should be heedful of, and global warming is a real issue, not a myth as claimed by some governmental bodies in our recent history. And a current one at that, a responsibility to live sustainably is something which needs to be moved to the hands of each individual and each individuals set of moral values and ideals for future generations.

With this website the dedicated team and locksmith supporters are trying to ensure that awareness to such issues are spread together with a set of guidelines in how we can take small steps for the better, to improve on the situation at hand. If you navigate through the pages here you will find a row of useful and hopefully interesting information, something that is applicable and which may help you, as it has helped us to become more aware of something in need of it.

Sharing, a greener way!

ideas of a greener wayThere are many ways in which you can work to try to minimise the size of your carbon footprint, using renewable energy and avoiding wasting is of course what this site is dedicated to, however today we would also like to bring up a little side point. A thought which we think is well worth ruminating further on, as it may not only help your carbon footprint to shed diameter, but also make your own living and life more efficient.
The point is sharing. House shares, car shares, sharing gardening burden, sharing knowledge. The list could go on, but as a single thought is has a lot of power. And although we understand that every effort takes some investment, and organising for example a car share with someone to work will take some effort to begin with. But as they say with many things, nothing worth having is for free. And the potential opportunities in a car share is not only the parts which has an effect on the global environment, but also the social aspects, the opportunity to meet new people, to perhaps see a different road to work than you are used to spawning new thoughts and creativity in your mind. Who knows you may have a whole cacophony of common interests.
Either way, we thought it would be a good to share this simple sharing concept, which may have entered your life in many ways already. In putting another reminder out there the team here hopes that it will bring you to take the next good opportunity to share, not only for the benefit of the environment, but for you as well!